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ajmal kasav , one of the prime accused in the 26/11 attacks in mumbai. He was the only terrorist caught alive by the police and after months of interrogation the verdict is finally out. Kasav has been sentenced to death for his erroneous mistake of killing people. So guys i ask u will killing a terrorist put fear in the mind of the others terrorists??


Are we aware of the fact that the oil spill in sea is posing a threat to the aquatic animals.Super powers should take necessary steps to protect our nature !!..we should all stand together and create some awareness!!Major oil producing companies like BP should take the major responsibility and clear the oil spill
BP Oil Spill Live Feed 2010 & Gulf Oil Spill Top Kill Updates. The BP oil spill keeps raging on, and many are glued to their computers watching as the oil spill live feed shows a dark plume going into the ocean waters. The Gulf Oil Spill is tragic and many are disheartened by the news that the top kill method doesn’t appear to be working to clog the leak in the oil spill.

BP has pledged to meet all “legitimate claims”,but at this situation analysts fear that estimates of the potential cost of the spill vary widely.Including the clean-up, compensation and fines sum upto $12bn.
Faced with clean-up and compensation, BP is seeking uptp $700m from Transocean’s insurers,who say there are only responsible they are responsible for damage to the rig-not for any leak below the surface of water

A heart touching saying by a dead fish:

U.S president OBAMA this weekend reiterated his determination to get BP to pay for the damage caused by the oil spill from their Deepwater horizon offshore rig,including a preliminary bill of $69 million for the coss of the response thus far.
MR.Obama also sought ti deflect criticism that his administration had failed to respond rapidly enough to the crisis,arguing”…from the beginning,we have mobilised on every front to contain aclean up this spill .i have authorised the deployment of 17,500 Nation Gaurd troops to aid in the response .More than 20,000 people are currently working around the clock to protect waters and coastlines”
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At a time when science and technology have prevailed everywhere , there are places where they are yet to glow. yes in the villages of INDIA. This fact comes to light because of an incident related to honour killing. A couple were mercilessly killed by a group of people and they called this as HONOUR killing. The reason for this crime is that the 2 people had married and they belong to different the same caste/family star sign. According to the rules of the village they are not supposed to marry within the same family star. And so they killed this couple. Till now justice has not been given and the people who are trying to solve this case are justifying their act. They are the panchayat community who claim to be protecting their culture by this act. And even after the supreme courts verdict going against them they are not willing to stop their atrocities. This is a very sad story and this is just one to tell, there are 1000’s of such stories happening everyday. so should we really allow age old traditions to rule interior India ?? lest all stop this Honour killing and respect people as human beings.

why is that india has large percentage of population below poverty line,though we have business magnets who is in the top ten list of world’s richest person.?..which is there a difference…?who should be blamed??,,and are the citizens of india aware of it???…Then this upcoming poll should definetly tell us that who are the culprits and are the citizens aware of it!!!